Wesam Elshamy

Sam (Wesam) Elshamy — Machine learning leader with experience building and leading cross-functional, cross-region data science and machine learning teams. Across the roles I had in the healthcare and financial industries, I led my teams into designing and building innovative, mission-critical, machine learning solutions to solve diverse business problems with strict regulatory requirements.

I was in charge of building models that solve core business problems. They covered traditional machine learning problems (e.g., product recommendation, targeted digital advertising) and innovative ones (e.g., disease diagnosis, medical coding).

I started my career as an individual contributor and progressively grew into higher leadership roles with increasing responsibilities. In my recent roles, I worked with executive teams to identify opportunities for machine learning in business growth. I then translated them into technical requirements and execution plans for my teams. I’m currently a manager at Amazon.

I developed the temporally dynamic topic models in my PhD dissertation

The best way to contact me is by email: first name (Wesam) last name (Elshamy) yahoo.