Wesam Elshamy

Director of Data Science and Machine Learning @ AdviNow Medical

Phoenix, AZ

I lead teams of data scientists and software engineers developing innovative large scale machine learning systems for disease diagnosis. We use data extracted from medical text, patients' vital measurements, and answers to pointed questions to assist physicians in quickly finding accurate diagnosis and treatments.

We leverage cloud based and open source solutions to reduce cost and focus on our core technology. I provide hands-on research and technical leadership to discover areas for business growth with quick turnaround.

Prior to AdviNow Medical, I led the development of identity verification and risk assessment using machine learning at Sweetbridge. Before that I was with American Express, where I built models for targeted digital advertising and credit card offer personalization.

I hold a PhD in computer science. In my dissertation I developed dynamic topic models.

The best way to contact me is by email: first name last name yahoo.